Thursday, 28 March 2013

How To Eliminate Armpit Odor

man looking at his armpit 
Having armpit odor can be very embarrassing and can ruin your confidence in public,causing you not to mingle freely with people...Fortunately,there are ways to eliminate it.

  • Bathing daily: Bathe at least,twice daily.Focus on your armpit when bathing,scrub it well to reduce the risk of germs  getting there.

  • Use of good deodorants and antiperspirants should be practiced: Deodorants make the skin acidic and this inhibits the bacterium to become active. On the other hand antiperspirants block the sweat glands so that they do not produce much sweat.

  • Limit tobacco intake: It affects both your skin and lungs by mixing it with certain body elements and can cause smelly armpits.

  •  Lime juice is an excellent remedy for smelly armpits: It is also reported that the use of mixed rosemary oil or tea tree oil with water can help reduce body smell and perspiration when applied to the skin. 

  •  Try to wear cotton fabric as much as possible and loose fitting clothes must be worn during the summer season. This will allow the sweat to easily evaporate thus making bacteria unable to come in contact with it. And remember, wearing clean, comfortable clothing can help avoid the hassle of armpit odor development. 

  • The best way to stop armpit odor is to limit or cease intake of food rich in choline. Your sweat is produced from your body and what you consume has profound effect on it. Eliminate or limit intake of soy beans, egg yolk, peanuts and most especially onions, garlic, spices, meat, caffeinated drinks and legumes from your diet. 
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