Sunday, 17 March 2013

How to overcome shyness

Shyness is an act of feeling uneasy around people,especially a person of the opposite sex.Shyness in persons especially singles is likely to occur but when it affects the person's life,especially his relationships and feelings,then its time to do something.
Shyness has deprived so many of their rights,opportunities even passes others by only because they were shy.You can easily accept items or situations thatbdoesnt suit you because of shyness.It even makes you hide your potentials and talents.To overcome shyness,you should
Know that none is perfect,even the most eloquent speakers today has their weakness                          
  • Always have the urge to change and believe that change is achievable
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and  actions                                                               
  • Learn how to relax and cope with anxiety and fear
  • Gain confidence in all you do
  • Try to set meaningful goals in your love life
  • Dressing meaningfully and tastefully can still boost your confidence.When you feel that you are looking your best,it enables you to relax and concentrate.                                                                                 Good luck as you overcome shyness


  1. I've never been a shy person.....but I can imagine it would be really hard! I've known a lot of shy people and inside there so much there, they just don't know how to interact. Always try to help these people come out of their's usually well worth it

    1. I agree with you dear,shyness deprives out good interactions with others

  2. I've been shying away from too many responsibilities, timidity anchors with procrastination, there isn't a thing being shy will earn us that will last I think. If everybody was born equal then being shy to me now is like a fake side of life cos deep within we know we could stand anything but out there it seems we deprive ourselves.


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