Friday, 19 April 2013

Lemon and its benefits


Lemon has been known for generations for its culinary and non-culinary benefits.Some of the benefits of lemon includes:
  • The juice of Lemon can be used for the treatment of acne,as lemon contains ascorbic acid...It can also be dropped into bathing water for a glower lighter skin
  • Lemon juice mixed with honey can be used to relieve chills,fever,colds,cough...It can also b used as a face mask.
  • Lemon can be used as room fresheners when mixed with atomizer
  • Lemon have both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties,thus can be used for dis-infecting wounds
  • Lemon is a strong recipe in cooking and juices
  • Lemon mixed with honey can be used in treatment of hair dandruff 
  • Lemon is used in cleaning surfaces for brighter looks...l can go on and on...The benefits of lemon cannot be overemphasized...
  • Use lemon in your drinking water early in the morning before brushing for weight loss.

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