Friday, 16 August 2013

Kim Kardashian shuns Kate Couric's congratulatory message on Instagram

Kate Couric has been a long time adversary to the the Kardashians family,she even stated that their show were for teenage girls.So when Kate sent Kim Kardashian a congratulatory message over her new born,she returned it with a low but aggressive tone.Read it below;
Kate Couric's congratulatory message to Kim
The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” starlet was the subject of Katie Couric's comments when she previously told InTouch, “I don’t understand-why are they so famous? I think it’s mostly teenage girls that are interested,” according to Radar.
So when Kim received a congratulatory gift from Couric following the birth of her daughter North West, she knew exactly what to do.
Ms. Kardashian posted the gift card along with her own message- “I hate fake media friends may I humbly suggest you not send gifts then talk sh*t.”

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