Sunday, 18 August 2013

Weird,woman helped husband hold 3-yr old daughter during rape

A mother accused of helping her husband rape their 3-year-old daughter, and even holding the girl’s hand during the assault, has been arrested in Michigan. Police have charged the 36-year-old woman from Blackman Township on charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. They say she allowed the toddler to be repeatedly raped by her husband, and even comforted the girl during the attacks by holding her hand. The woman’s husband was arrested in June, facing 12 counts of first-degree sexual misconduct. He has already admitted to attempting to rape the girl at least six times, though the told detectives it was too many times to really keep count.

The 3-year-old girl suffered other trauma, police said. In addition to being raped, she was also forced to watch pornography and her father took illicit photographs of her. It took more than two months after the father’s arrest for police to arrest the woman, even though they initially knew she was present when the girl was raped. Prosecutors said new evidence recently came to light that allowed them to press charges.  

The mother reportedly told police that she would hold her 3-year-old girl’s hand while the father tried to penetrate her so “it wouldn’t hurt so much.” If the girl tried to squirm away during the rape, the mother held her legs down, police documents revealed. The girl also told police that her mother was often an active participant, taking pictures while the rapes were occurring and hitting the girl with a belt. The couple also had sex in front of their daughter, police said. The story of the mother who helped her husband rape their 3-year-old daughter has become international news, warranting mention in newspapers across the United States and the UK as well.
 The identities of the man accused of raping his daughter and the woman accused of holding the girl’s hand during the rapes have been kept secret, however, in an attempt to protect the victim from being identified


  1. Jesus Christ .... what is happening in this world nah ???? OMG ....

  2. It's just so unheard of... Xoxo wierd.... Endtime mysteries!

  3. It's just so unheard of... Xoxo wierd.... Endtime mysteries!

  4. Hmmm,this is insanity

  5. Weird indeed.they both should be mamed

  6. evil doesn't even touch it these people need to be raped n stoned by the public ! death is to good for these skum bags I can't believe we are gonna feed n house these low life fuckers the rest of there life's


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