Thursday, 12 September 2013

Professor Wole Soyinka advice to ladies

"Wole soyinka 'ADVICE TO LADIES'

There is one thing i want you to understand about us men! Now,when you post half-naked pictures of yourself on Facebook,be it you doing a sexy pose,or showing us your cleavage,or lying suggestively on your bed... 
The only thing you are doing is making us do is lust after you. I know you will feel excited about the 200 likes you will receive...and you will even pretend to be upset when a guy says he wants you...when in reality you are so excited. 
One thing you should know,NONE of those guys who will like that photo loves you!They are in lust with you! In fact they loathe you, and none of them would take you home to be a wife!
Men,both good and bad admire ladies who dress decently and respect themselves! Decent clothing that reveal less about you make us love and respect you! It tells us you are a virtuous woman.. Do we really care about your excessive make-ups and face paintings??
We don't! Be simple, Be real, Be African........and the man ordained by the Lord will come after you!
Guys,TRUE or FALSE?"


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