Monday, 16 September 2013

Weird! Woman massages clients with her massive breasts for #50,000 per hour

A 34-year old black woman has taken the massaging business to another level as she uses her massive bres*ts to soothe the nerves of her customers for $300 (about N50,000) per hour.

According to Daily Mail and Evening Standard in UK, each day, Kristy Love, a resident of Georgia in the United States of America, smiles to the bank with over N210, 000 as her customers have continued to double. Instead of using her hands on her customers as massage therapists do, she uses her size 48NN bres*ts.

•Kristy Love performing a massage session
On her website, the certified massage therapist advertises herself as “the premiere CMT BBW body rub specialist taking Atlanta and the world to an all new level of BBW adult entertainment (CMT is a certified massage therapist. BBW means a big, beautiful woman).”

Though she also does normal body massages for lesser prices, her customers often prefer the sensual bres*ts massage which she calls the ‘happy man works’ where she rubs her gigantic bres*ts over various parts of her client’s body for $300 an hour.

According to her, the bres*ts “keep you focused in the present and give you the opportunity to experience all aspects of your nature not just a part of your persona.”

Apart from massaging her clients with her bres*ts, she also smother willing customers, and does ‘body gliding’ in which she slicks oil on her body and slides atop the customer.

On her website, she says she charges $150 for a half hour of sensual massage while for a ‘nonsensual’ massage, she charges $100 for a half hour and $150 for an hour.

Narrating how she came up with the business idea, she said she searched endlessly for job after graduation from a beauty school. Every time she went for an a job interview, potential employers were always discouraged by the size of her bres*ts.

“People assumed my size would be a disadvantage. They’d never get back in touch…I kept getting asked if I’d be able to stand on my feet all day.”

Not discouraged, she decided to start giving massages from her home, one day a customer actually asked her if she would not take off her tops before giving him a massage as other certified therapists do.

She said, though she balked at the request, she did the customer’s bidding and that was the beginning of what has become a big business for her.

Hear her: “at first I was indignant and said I didn’t give those kinds of massages. I was ashamed of my body because I was so big,” saying she later realised that her gigantic bres*ts could do the magic.

“When I realised there might be something in breast massages, I put an advert in the local newspaper and the phone began ringing off the hook.

“At first it was difficult to get over my body issues, so I’d only give massages with the lights off.
“But the more compliments I got from my clients, the higher my confidence soared. It has really helped me get over my low self-esteem. I love my body now!”
Kristy love
Kristy love

She said she is very careful in handling her clients because they come in different shapes and sizes.
“This skinny old man came in and asked for the works. He looked like he weighed about 7st. I asked him if he was for real and joked that he was trying to send me to jail for breaking his little old bones. We had to reach a compromise,” she said.

While she makes her money, there are concerns about her weight and future.

“My weight isn’t an issue at the moment, but the doctor was concerned it might be in the future. He said I was at risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.

“But that doesn’t run in my family so it doesn’t bother me. I could be hit by a truck tomorrow, I can’t keep worrying about those things that might happen in the future. I just live each day as it comes,” she further explained.

She also disclosed that she receives mails regularly from people, some insulting her for taking to the ‘profession’, others commending her.

“I’d never get rid of my big boobs now. They've helped me to learn to love my body and that has given me the greatest satisfaction of all,” she declared.
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