Friday, 22 March 2013

Guys,say these words to her

Today,l am just interested in talking about relationship tips for guys because few guys who read my blog complained its packed with ladies stuff,what do you expect,l am a woman,lol    

I am going to tell guys what we ladies love to her,but can be too shy to ask for,or feel its rather embarrassing to do so

  • Compliment. If a girl makes the effort to dress up for you, your compliment will make her feel like the effort paid off.         
    • Sweet terms like gorgeous, alluring,beautiful, princess,name them.Spoken with  moderation, these make a girl happy.
      • Appreciate. It will boost her confidence to know you believe in her and that you appreciate when she goes out of her way to do small things for you.Things like,l am so glad to have you,you rock my world,go on.....

        • Get naughty! Now this one is strictly for the guys who have already won the heart of their special girl. If you are on your way to meet her, text her saying you cannot wait to take her in your arms or that the rains make you want to kiss her...

          •    Tell her where she stands in your life,ladies love it when their guy defines their relationship with them.Tell her why she is different from your ex-girls,how she have changed your life and so on...Please,say those things only when you mean them ooooo.


  1. Dnt need any guy to tell me am alluring or pretty,cos l know l am

  2. If a girl is Ugly, and you know she is Ugly, do you need to lie and flatter her with such worlds?...


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