Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Jilted few months to his wedding,what should he do?

Met this guy who was ranting and shouting in a saloon where l went to wash my hair. At first,l taught he was crazy,not until my friend,the owner of the saloon gave me the gist.
This guy have been parading a girl around town,telling everyone they are both getting married soonest,and frankly,they will,hopefully December.

The guy claimed he pays the girl's bills,put her on a #40,000 allowance monthly and even gave her #300,000 recently for her wedding shopping.
Now to the reason why he was going mad,the girl called him few days ago that she was going to a cousins house which the guy declined of,but she left anyway. The guy later found out that the girl went to a guys house and even slept over there.

The guy is really going out of his mind,as he even hit a small girl due to over-speeding,he needs advice and he needs it fast.What do you think he should do?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Question:Why don't girls show contentment?

Hey readers,hope y'all woke up safe and sound. Happy ED-AL KABIR to all my Islamic readers.

A reader of GTB asked me a question I taught to share with you guys.

Dear Grace,
   Why is it that girl's don't get contented these days with what we(boys) gives them?They are too demanding and unappreciative.

Like seriously?

Do you  have any reply or comment? Please use the comment box,thanks.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Relationship DON'T for the day: Do not tell a lie

Hey readers,I will try to share with you on things you should do and shouldn't do in your relationships from today.
The relationship DON'T for the day is;


Relationships built on lies can never stand.Why tell someone who you intend to spend the rest of your life with lies?Why tell him/her that you are from a royal/wealthy family,when your parents just got kicked out from a room apartment they couldn't afford to pay,or that you are working in an oil company or bank when actually,you are an applicant or even a taxi driver?

How would you feel if you are the person told this lie?
The relationship if may continue,would take time to adjust to been worth trusting and every word you utter henceforth,monitored.

Be true to your spouse/partner. Lying doesn't pay,instead it makes you look untrustworthy and undeserving.

 Don't  tell a lie,no matter how it may look.

Indecent dressing and its encroachment in our society today

Indecent dressing can be described as an act of deliberate exposure of one's body to the public. This practice is contrary to acceptable norms and values of any society.
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Moral decadence on the hand is a reduction in the level of morality in the society. Do you observe that most (Ladies) had gone haywire all in the name of dressing? The other day I screamed when I saw a girl whose parents barely feed well, dressed with half of her breast and buttocks outside. The trouser she wore is such that half of her buttocks was outside, with beads and terrible make-ups and I heard her mother telling her “to have a nice day”.
Some girls have been abused and even embarrassed publicly because of their outrageous outfit.
Indecent dressing is the major cause of the various assault and sexual harassment recorded in the society, overtime. As a result of civilization, Nigeria ladies dress half naked to occasions all in the name of fashion and this is contrary to the prestige placed on African women. For instance, Nigeria ladies derive pleasure in wearing cloth such as, Mini Skirt, bumper short, arm less etc.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Is dating more than one girl wrong?

Hey readers,top of the weekend to y'all. Hope you are having a nice Sunday.
Remember,you can send your dating/relationship questions to me tru my bb pin:2AECCA71 or email
A reader sent a question to me via my bb and I taught to share it here anonymously.Read it below and drop your comments.Thanks

Dear Grace,
I am dating three girls,find it difficult with choosing the right one. I started seeing more than one girl because as you know,ladies cannot be trusted these days,so don't wanna put my eggs in one basket.
Is dating three girls wrong? How do I even settle with one and discard the others? Need answers asap.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

How to build trust in your relationships

Trust is the cornerstone of any working, healthy relationship. Without trust, you don’t have a solid foundation and your relationship could end up crumbling. As you get to know someone and fall in love, trust has to be built. Here are some simple ways to do that.


If you want your partner to be honest with you, you need to be honest with him –- that's the only way you're going to build trust in your relationship. This means being truthful about how you feel, rather than keeping your cards too close to your chest. Sharing intimate details about your life and who you are can bring you and your partner closer, setting the foundation for trust and intimacy. The more you share, the more your partner will share and the more you know about each other, and how you both feel, the closer you'll become.


Trusting someone can be hard, especially if you've been deceived in the past. But it's up to you to open yourself up to trusting someone else in spite of past heartache. This can be a difficult process so just go one day at a time and realize that even though one guy hurt you it doesn't mean every male has a negative streak that's just waiting to rear its ugly head. Being open to trust means being a little bit vulnerable, which can feel strange if you've been closed off to love since your last breakup. Remember: The more you allow yourself to trust the person you love, the stronger your relationship will be.


Part of building trust in your relationship is being able to trust yourself and your instincts. If you've found someone you love and you want to make the relationship work, trust the fact that the person you're with is right for you and that if something were to go awry you would know (or feel) it. Rather than feeling unsure of yourself or scared to let go and enjoy your new romance, trust that you know what you're doing and can handle whatever happens.

DO you trust your partner? Does he/she trust you?Share your opinions now

Cheating in relationships/marriages

Cheating doesn't occur only when one kisses, meets or have sexual relation with a third party. Once you find yourself deleting text messages and e-mails so your partner won't see them, you are already there. Once you find it uncomfortable to chat, send text messages, receive calls or make calls to some people because your partner is around; once you find it very difficult to allow your partner to make us of your phone, answer your calls in your presence or absence then know that you are already a cheat.
Its like a cancer it develops slowly but you will surely feel the pain when its fully grown.

 The funny thing is most of the times, people try to find what they already have because they don't just appreciate what they have. Remember the grass may look green on the other side but what if you could just invest time and energy by watering the one that you have. Wouldn't the world be a better place to be today?
Can you imagine how strong your relationship would be if you would not waste your energy, resources and time on things that have no future. Secret, small, hidden relationships are like ticks they suck all the good things out of your marriage or relationship and makes it unstable. It will take you more effort to repair what you would have damaged and the sad thing is sometimes those wounds might never heal.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A tale about my country:Welcome to Nigeria

Welcome 2 Nigeria where a blind begger will reject a fake naira note.
*Where ladies don't accept flowers 4 birthday or val gift.
*where parents claim dey always come first position in sch.
*where d presidents & other govt officials don't knw d national anthem.
*where gala & lacasera is d best option wen struck in hold up.
*where u can be a Driver for yrs without a Driver's licence.
*where u are robbed of ur phone & robbers come back for pin & charger.
*where politicians use big unnecessary grammer to scam pple.
*where u are jailed 4 stealing maggi & given chieftancy title 4 stealing millions & front row seat in church.
*where d type of ur generator shows how rich u are.
*where u can blame ur unsuccessful Life on family members in d village.
*where citizens are more afraid of police than armed robbers. Hmmm.
May God have mercy on us