Monday, 25 March 2013

How to impress a girl on your first date

Being on a first date can make the both of you very nervous and uneasy.The girl would be very careful on her choice of clothes,not knowing what the guy likes.The guy on the other hand would want a perfect place for the date,away from distractions and things that might disrupt the date... 

Guys,you may also be wondering what to say and the discussions to engage in...Here are some tips;

  • Ask her her hobbies and things she like and then tell her yours  in return
  • Talk about work,studies,travels,work tasks,e.t.c
  • Ask her the type of music she enjoys and tell her yours too
  • Discuss favorite movies or celebrities

You will find out that the date will be lively and tension will seem reduced...To make her impressed,you should;

  1. Compliment her: I will always say this,ladies love compliments,even the ugliest girl on earth wants to be told she looks good.Compliment on her hair,you can say,lovely hairstyle or hair color,it fits you well.You can also compliment on her shoes,tell her it looks good,but don't ask her where she got them from or how much it costs,because she may feel shy or embarrassed,either because its too expensive or cheap.
    2.  Crack jokes: Say funny things that will make her laugh,don't make the date appear like a joke or else 
        she sees' you as the less serious type.Say few jokes,as these will also make her relaxed.

     3.  Be natural: Don't try to be the person you are not.You can be nervous,but don't allow it alter things.Don't appear very eager to please her.

    4.  Don't do all the talking,engage her in a conversation...Ask her questions and listen as she answers you.Give her your whole attention,don't look distracted or lost in thoughts.Ladies love attention.

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  1. well writing , nice one , this will eventually make a normal lady fall .... but Hiya , depending on the kind/type of ladies , all this will turn off an adventure/horror type of lady , they need the direct oposite of all this to fall for a man haha


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