Thursday, 28 March 2013

How to make a girl fall for you

Ladies fall for guys for different reasons.What attracts a girl to this guy won't be the same for another girl.These facts would if not make her fall for you,would at least make her notice you. 

  • Look good: I will keep saying this.Ladies love to see a guy looking good.You don't need to dress in a super stars' apparel to look good.Present yourself well,from haircut,to clothes,to perfume....Smelling good is also a plus.

  • Listen to her: Listening is a good communication skills.Giving a girl a listening ear makes her feel accepted and cherished.Give her your opinions when she asks for them.

  • Make her friends your friends:The saying that no girl wants a guy who other girls don't want isn't to be argued here.Have a good rapport with her friends.If she sees other girls liking you,especially her friends,then she will like you.

  • Be confident: Every girl likes a guy who is confident about his self.Don't appear dependent or loose.Even if you are still staying with your parents or schooling,tell her about your ambitions and future plans.  

  • Compliment her: Tell her things that makes her smile.Compliment her and touch her in a polite way,her arms or even her hair...Always tell her how good she looks



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