Friday, 29 March 2013

Men: What to wear on a first date

First dates are really of concern,because most relationships have their backbones on first impressions.So to make your first date both memorable and classy,guys,you need to wear the following;

Wear nice outfits: You don't have to own all the designer clothing's in the world to look good.Wear your simple shirt with a plain or jean trouser.

If its an official date,you may consider wearing a suit,or shirt with a long tie. 

DON'T wear a bow tie to a first date.Look simple but cute.


Wear a smile: Smiles are make ups you can do without.No matter how beautiful or handsome you are,without a smile on your face,you will be looking like you just got fired or sick.Smile as much as you can and laugh also.The also reduces the  anxiety/tension...

Wear a nice perfume: You wouldn't want to go to your date smelling as though you just came back from the mechanic.Wear a mild but irresistible masculine scent.This will not only send a positive signal,but will make you feel confident.If you cannot afford a bottle of perfume,bathe with a nice scented soap. 
Express are good perfumes.   

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