Saturday, 23 March 2013

Relationship don'ts for the day

Hey readers,

             From today,l will be posting daily dos and don't s in a relationship.So today,l will be sharing relationship don't s for both sexes......

Ladies: Don't ever talk a guy into loving you or being in a relationship with him.

Making or talking a guy into loving you would only mean talking him into sleeping with you and dumping you afterwards...If a guys loves you,he would come around,don't push it...If he doesn't come,move on with your life,you have better things to worry about,like yourself.

Guys: Never compliment on a girl's body on your first sight of her.

OK,many guys don't know this.Using terms like,you have a nice shape,ass,or waist only spells 'SEX',Though a girl may want you to sleep with her in a relationship,don't give her the impression that its all you care about...Use other compliments like,you have a nice smile,or your eyes are cool or pretty.

Please feel free to add your comments,questions or suggestions...

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