Monday, 25 March 2013

Relationship DON'Ts for the day

My relationship don't s for the day is centered on first date,and its mainly for guys;    DONT

Don't ask a girl to pay the bills or share the bills with on a first date.

Don't compliment on her dressing on the first date,center your compliments maybe on her hair or shoes or bag.

Don't discuss your ex with your guy/girl on a first date.

Don't look seriously or admire any other girl on your first,maybe a girl sitting across you guys or a girl that passed.

Don't take too much of anything,whether food or wine on your first date.

Don't let your girl go home by herself,even if you are not mobile,make sure you both take a cab to her house,or trek along with her.


  1. If i must do all these on 1st date, Y not on all Dates?
    I fink d best tang iz to be ursef....though i seriously agree with most of it

  2. yes Pascal,its good to carry it on through all the dates.first impressions matters also,and tnx for commenting


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