Thursday, 21 March 2013

Tips to prevent cracked heels

dry cracked heels

If you are in Nigeria,you would agree with me that the sun is so scorching,especially in the North....This is also a season of dryness and a cracked heel if not avoided becomes compulsory.Not to worry,l researched on how to prevent cracked heels....These includes:

Keep your feet moisturized 

You can keep your feet soft and healthy by keeping them well moisturized. Use a good foot cream, olive oil and even petroleum jelly to keep your feet moisturized. Go for a lotion that contains urea. Such a lotion will increase the ability of your heels’ skin to hold the moisture within. It is important to use a rich moisturizing cream in case you have dry skin. Don’t apply the moisturizer or cream between the toes. Make sure you put on your socks once you have applied the moisturizer.

 Drink lots of water

It is important to stay hydrated. It is actually essential for everyone to drink about eight glasses of water every single day. You can have 6 glasses of water in a day and have other fluids along if you can’t drink too much water. Go for fresh orange juice, flavored water and healthy smoothies. This will keep your skin well hydrated from inside.

Avoid walking on sand

Walking on sand makes you skin of your feet rough and leads to cracking,instead walk on fresh grasses.

 Wear only cotton socks

Don’t go for socks made from nylon or any other material. Never wear dirty socks because it can make the bacteria feed on your heels’ dead skin. This can surely cause some kind of infection. Wear shoes that cover your feet properly and keep the skin moist.

Massage your foot

A massage will increase the blood circulation of your feet which is really good for your heels. Massage your feet with sesame oil, coconut oil or a hydrogenated vegetable oil before going to bed. Afterwards, wear a pair of socks and go to sleep.

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  1. Nice tips,want to add that wearing the right fitted shoe also helps.


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