Monday, 1 April 2013

6 Signs you are in love.


Falling in love is a wonderful experience,but can leave a first timer worrying and confused.For someone who is in love for the first time,you may find yourself wondering if your alright or possessed by something.Either-way,you are thrown off your feet by love if you show three or more of these signs;
  • You think about them often:If you are in love,you would probably think about the person all the time,but when these thoughts keep you from engaging in your normal routines,then its infatuation.
  • You want to impress them:You would want them to know how bright or good you are at something.Displaying your achievements before them is what yo would want to do.Bringing them before friends that will mock or poke you will be distanced.
  • You care more about your appearance:You suddenly want to look good or better.Ironing your clothes and choosing matchable colors for your dress and shoes,adding extra details to everything.
  • You care more of their happiness than for yourself:Not letting anything wrong happen to them,making sure you contribute to their lives,are all signs of love.
  •    You want to know more about them:If there's a tape or book that can tell you about them,you won't sleep until you read to the last sentence.You want to hear about them from friends,families or colleagues.
  • You want to be with them more:Hanging out with friends isn't appealing anymore. You always want the hangout to be with him or her.But be careful,so as not to get too close for his/her liking.
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