Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How to have a nice shave

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SHAVING is a daily chore most men
have to contend with almost for the
rest of their lives. There are no rules
about shaving, but there are basic
shaving tips that can make it quick
and easy. Shaving is more that just
picking up a razor and dragging it
across your face until the stubble’s
A really good shave, requires a
little more effort and know-how.
Even if you’ve been shaving for years,
you might learn something new about
what you need to do to get the best
shave possible.

•The first rule in shaving is patience.
Don’t rush through a shave. A rushed
shave is a good way to abuse your
face. Rather, spend the necessary
time prepping your skin for the razor.
Start by washing your face. Facial
cleansers work best because they help
soften the protein in the hair. Avoid
harsh soaps, and wash away hair-
softening oils. Leave the cleanser on
your face for one minute before

•Next, lather up with shaving cream or
gel. Choose one labeled “for sensitive
skin” if you need it. Then let it sit for
two or three minutes. You can comb
your hair or brush your teeth to pass
the time.
This is an important step that really
softens the hair and makes a one-
pass shave possible. The longer you
let it sit, the better, although
spending the time is not always

•When you are brushing up the lather,
don’t rely on your fingers to lather
your shaving cream. Get a brush.
A good brush really pushes the cream
into the hair and makes it much
easier to shave. Use a badger hair
brush to lift the hairs and really coat
them with cream.

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  1. Cleaness is next 2 goddlyness,alway shave nd look good nice tips dearie.


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