Monday, 8 April 2013

Men's shirt size:Tips on getting the shirt that fits you.

Shirts are essentials in a guys wardrobe.There are varieties of shirts in cuts,sizes,fits and brands.
To know the shirt that will fit you most,you have to know your shirt size first.

Below is a chart that will guide you.

men's shirt sizes   
You can ask a tailor to measure you or you can do it yourself.To measure yourself,do the following;
  • For neck Size: Place the tape around the thickest section of your neck.

  • For chest Size: Keep your arms by your sides and place one end of the tape at the center of your neck, at the back. Come till the shoulder, then the elbow, and all the way to the wrist.
  • For sleeve Size: Keep your arms relaxed at your sides and slightly bent. Measure from the center of the back of your neck till your shoulder and entire length of the arm.
  • For waist Size: Stand straight and circle the tape around your natural waistline. Hold the tape slightly loose; don't tighten the grip.
Four things you need to bear in mind while purchasing a shirt are;
  1. Base of neck
  2. Chest,under arms
  3. Waistline
  4. Sleeve
   Once you know your shirt size,shopping will be a lot easier.

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