Tuesday, 9 April 2013

When to call a relationship quit

Every relationships has its ups and downs.Some people go into relationships with the view that its going to be sweet always.While this is good,it may not always be achievable.The downs in a relationship shouldn't be more than the ups.
Here's my advice before you call a relationship quit.Try to know the reason for your couples behaviour,and try to settle your differences before calling it quit.
You should call a relationship quit when;
  • You are disrespected: Being in a relationship where you are treated as trash is the worst thing that can happen to you.Everybody deserves to be loved and respected and being in a relationship where you feel low self esteem should not be allow to linger.Move on with your life,you deserve better.
  • You are physically abused:No matter how fierce an argument or quarrel is,hitting your partner shouldn't be contemplated,let alone done.Some guys even take pleasure in hitting ladies just because they love them.Love is not stupid.If your partner has turned into a serial beater,RUN,RUN and RUN.
  • You carry the burden of the relationship alone:Being in a relationship with someone doesn't mean you should assume the position of his mother or father.If your partner can't stand on his/her own,always wants you pick their pills,shoulder their problems without wanting to share in yours.....Its time to quit.
  • You feel less affection for that person:When there's no more affection towards your partner,the relationship becomes burdensome.If you feel your love for partner has grown cold,then maybe you where infatuating.
  • You are being suspicious: A relationship should be built on trust and faith.Constant checking of phones,Facebook account,who your partner talks with or who he/she talks with,are all over suspicious acts.You should move get out and move on with your life.
Give your relationship another chance,try to settle your misunderstandings.If it works out fine,if not,move on with your life.


  1. I don't give second chance for girls, most especially if, i court my girl friend with some one else.

  2. Hi goodmorning,our God,,, is a God of second chance while den not giv our relationship a second chance some tyms life becum sweeter whn we learn frm our previous mistakes... so 4 mi i wil giv him tym 2 change his ways knw mater wat i cot him doin,, b it cheating on mi or not trusting mi,, cos no bodi is perfect we humans ar bon 2 make mistakes nd also learn frm dem 2...

  3. Sweet sweet love


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