Monday, 20 May 2013

6 Ways to have longer hair.

Aside jeweleries and clothing's,a lady would also do anything possible to have a great and admirable natural hair.Women go extra mile to make sure their hairs are noticed and admired.Whether it’s a low cut or grown hair,  here is a list of few tips for a healthy and long hair;

  • Use contraceptive pills

For years, many women have claimed that birth control pills lead to faster hair growth. Some studies have also supported this claim. While we do not recommend consuming these pills only to stimulate hair growth, you can always crush 5-6 pills and mix them in your regular shampoo. This will help to grow your hair faster and will considerably increase its volume.

  • Keep hair trimmed

Trimming your hair does not mean losing your entire hair length. About a quarter of an inch should be fine. It will help to remove split ends and ensure your hair is damage free. Ideally, you should get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Remember only healthy hair can grow faster. So, trim it to grow it! You will be glad you did, when the results starts to show.

  • Wash hair properly

One of the most important factors that is often a hindrance to healthy and long tresses is improper washing which includes irregular cleaning or over-washing. Your washing routine depends on your hair type. Those who have dry hair should shampoo their locks not more than twice a week, while women with oily strands must wash it every alternate day. Also, use only lukewarm water to avoid damage.

  • Blow dry your  hair

A blow dryer is an awesome way to make your hair look lifeless and coarse. Instead, dry your locks in a way that shows some care for it. The only method possible is to let nature dry it. In case you are required to use a blow dryer, keep it to the lowest.

  • Eat well

Just like our overall health depends on what we eat, similarly, the health of our hair is directly linked to our diet. And healthy hair grows faster. Your nutrition diet must include eggs, cereals, raisins, dates, raw oats, and green vegetables.
 Vegetables contribute much required iron and vitamin E. Moreover, as hair is primarily made of protein, it is advised to stick to a protein rich diet.

  • Take vitamins supplement

Multivitamin pills can help you grow your hair faster. It helps to supplement those bodily requirements that a healthy nutritious diet may skip.So take a pill daily,especially if you are aged or a ill.

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