Friday, 24 May 2013

A couple sells their unborn baby for #200,000

A 23-year-old pregnant woman caused a
stir at the Lagos State Police Command
headquarters on Thursday after she
confessed that she had sold her unborn
baby for N200,000, in advance.
The suspect, Adaeze Mba, who was
arrested for conniving with her husband to
sell their neighbour’s four-year-old son for
N400, 000, said it was poverty that pushed
them to crime.
She confessed that she and her husband,
Chibueze, had sold two other children for
N700, 000.
She said, “In March 2013, my neighbour’s
son, Stanley Ezeaka, was following me
about in the compound at Jakande Estate
and it was at that time that my husband
received a phone call from his partner that
she needed a child for sale. My husband
then suggested that we took Stanley even
though he was a bit old.
“We travelled to Imo State the following
morning and sold him for N400, 000 after
which we relocated to Calabar.”
When asked why she took to crime and
how she would feel if someone bought her
own children, she said, “I am seven months
pregnant and as I speak to you, my
husband has already sold our unborn baby
for N200, 000.
“I was against it but he convinced me to
agree to it, saying he had already collected
the money.”
When asked about the other children she
and her husband had sold, she said, “The
male child was sold at N400,000 while the
female child, who was two months old but
is now over a year old, was sold at
Chibueze on his part, said he went into the
business last year. He said he had sold
‘only’ three children to his business
partner, Benedicta Ogbonna, and
maintained that the children were in turn
sold to caring parents and not ritual killers.
He said, “One of the children was born by a
mentally challenged woman; so I have
committed no crime by selling the child to
people who would take care of her.”
Ogbonna, who bought the three children
from Chibueze and his wife at different
times, said she sold children to bAREEN.
She said, “I am doing this business for
humanitarian reasons and not for
monetary gain. I am 35 years old and I have
four children. I can never sell my own
children and in fact my husband does not
know I am into this kind of business.
“Chibueze brought Stanley to me and told
me that his mother was a prostitute so he
sold him to me at N400, 000. I then sold
Stanley to Mrs. Patricia Anibogwu for
N600,000. So far, I have sold only three
children. I buy boys at N400, 000 and girls
at N300,000.
“I use the money to take care of people and
also invest it in my business. I sell shoes
for a living at Anambra Wholesale Market.”
Anibogwu, who was the final buyer, said
she thought Ogbonna was an employee of
an orphanage. She said she bought Stanley
because she was lonely having lost her
She said amid tears that, “I was married for
28 years without a child. After my husband
died, I decided to adopt the child because I
was lonely. Someone introduced me to
Ogbonna. Ogbonna told me she worked at
an orphanage and would sell Stanley to me
for N600, 000.
“I used my savings to pay for him and she
brought Stanley to a roadside. I took
Stanley home and started taking care of
him like my own child. I changed his name
to Uchenna. Ogbonna promised me that
she would give me legal documents later
but, unfortunately, I was arrested.”
The Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi
Braide, urged parents to be vigilant and
also advised childless women to go
through the formal process of adoption
rather than buying children.
She said, “In March 2013, one Caleb Ezeaka
reported at Ilemba Hausa Police Division
that his son, Stanley, had gone missing the
previous day, adding that he was last seen
with his neighbour, Adaeze Mba. All efforts
to reach the neighbour proved abortive as
she and her husband had disappeared and
their phones were switched off.
“Through investigations, we traced them to
Calabar and they confessed that they had
sold him at N400,000 to one Benedicta
Ogbonna. We traced Ogbonna to Anambra
who then said she had sold him to Patricia
Anibogwu for N600,000. So we arrested
them all.
“Adaeze and her husband, Chibueze,
confessed that they had sold three children
to Ogbonna and they were also rescued.
One of the children was sold when she was
three months old and she is now a year
and three months old.

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