Saturday, 4 May 2013

A guy shoots girlfriend,mistook her for hog.


A hunting trip backfired when a man shot his girlfriend mistaking her for a hog he tried killing earlier that day in Florida.
Reports were  that Steven Egan was on a mission to find the hog that was still out and about, but wound up shooting his girlfriend, Lisa Simmons, when she didn't stay put.
Egan told Lisa to go back to their campsite while he pursued the wounded hog he was unable to capture the first time. When his girlfriend ventured off a short distance to grab some oranges that had fallen, her boyfriend took a shot in the direction of the noise and the .30 bullet hit her in the leg.
Lisa was airlifted to a local hospital.

In another report, Lisa said the experience actually brought them together. She said there aren't any issues between them that would have caused her boyfriend to shoot her. Most would consider calling it quits, but the couple are still together and Lisa's thigh is healing.

No charges will be filed as this is considered an "accidental shooting.
Culled from Examiner

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