Sunday, 19 May 2013

How to attract any girl of your wish.

Guys,attracting a girl isn’t as difficult as you think.Most guys are afraid of making first impressions,and like they say ’first impression matters’
Your worries might be,how to walk up to her and start a conversation.The fear of being rejected also rings bell in your head.That shouldn't be a problem.
You can attract any woman you want in these three simple ways;

1. Spark up a great conversation with her.
Here is a fact: Beautiful women are approached by guys everywhere and all the time. So if you want to attract ladies, it is absolutely essential to make yourself stand out from the crowd. And you have only a few seconds to achieve this goal, before she rules you out of the game in her mind. That is why it is important to pick a catchy conversations starter in order to surprise her and capture her attention right from the beginning.

2.Silence is sexy,learn to talk less.
When approaching an attractive girl, many guys make the mistake of talking way too much and going out of their way trying to impress her by how cool or funny they are. This will have the opposite effect in most cases actually. Because the girl will sense your desperation and the need to impress her, and any kind of neediness is considered a turnoff.
So instead, you can catch her by surprise by staying silent sometimes and even looking the other way. She will wonder why you don't seem to find her interesting or attractive enough to be hooked - like the rest of the guys she has met today. So in order to prove to herself that she is indeed attractive, she will be the one trying to fill the void in the conversations - which will feel like she is chasing after you, so to say. And this will turn the table and put the power in your hands for a change.

3. Don't Offer to Buy Her a Drink
This technique may come surprising, but it is actually one of the most basic yet powerful techniques that attractive guys follow. When you offer to buy a drink for a girl you've just met, it sends her the message that you don't feel attractive or worthy for her to spend time talking to you. So you are sort of "bribing" her to give it a chance.
 Give it a try,you will be amazed at the results.


  1. nice one castic no you spoiling me lol

  2. Yes i agree with you in all your tips and first one most important "Spark up a great conversation with her". Conversation is most important for girls it reflect who you are.

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