Friday, 3 May 2013

See World's most expensive phone.


Liverpool jewelry designer Stuart Hughes, gained worldwide fame with the release of the exclusive versions of high-tech devices, such as, for example, diamond iPhone 4 , MacBook Air platinum orgold iPad 2 with bone Tyrannosaurus rex , introduced his next masterpiece.
Hughes is confident that his iPhone 5 for 10 million pounds (15.3 million dollars) – is the word’s most expensive phone. According to him, the whole process of the body to the machine took him 9 months – it is from start to finish is made by hand.
The housing is made of 24-karat gold, and the button “Home” made of black diamond weighing 26 carats. In addition, the Apple logo, and iPhone 5 ends are decorated with white diamonds. To ground the designer took 600 precious stones, the logo – even 53. It is noted that the ultra-expensive smartphone was commissioned by a Chinese businessman, who is the owner of that same black diamond. Interestingly, in the sale of the company Stuart Hughes has simpler version of the iPhone 5, made out of gold. The cost of each instance is 33 800 dollars.
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Can you buy such phone???


  1. hmmmmn if i get the money ill buy more than this .

    1. Well you've just head it's the world most expensive , now i wonder which one you are planning to buy .....

  2. Awesome phone , it rocks , i see gold and diamonds stones round on it ...


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