Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Some tips on dating someone of different religion

Why has religion assumed so much importance that sometimes it influences our actions? No matter how open minded we have become, issues like religion do matter in relationships; unless you are looking for a fling. Did you know that religion affects dating choices, although teens do not mind seeing a person randomly. It is also true that attraction has no bars; you could start loving someone you thought you would never even date! For a successful long term relationship you need to understand each other in and out. But relax, you need not worry so much about the future, you've just entered the dating phase and you should enjoy and explore the relationship... Now, are you attracted to someone who follows a different culture and faith? Have you succeeded in asking that girl/boy out? You want to make your first date a perfect affair, don't you? You do need to take special care while dating a person of another religion to avoid spoiling the affair with awkward moments and talks. In need of some help? Well, keep reading further for tips to make the first date (and coming dates) between you two cherished.

Respect Your Partner's Faith
To impress your date and get friendly with him/her, respect his or her faith and practices. Each of us belong to a religion and have some practices imbibed in our mind to a certain extent. So learn to honor your date's specific habits. This can be concerning food choices also. What if your date is a hard core vegetarian? Accept it and keep your cravings to eat non-veg food aside. This will definitely give you an edge and help you impress your date quickly.
Find the Similarities, Ignore the Differences
We all are human and have one God, believe it. Just the way of worshiping differs. Each religion promotes humanity and love. So find the common and like points between both the faiths and discuss it with your date. Keep the differences under check. You're dating the person and trying to know him/her rather than knowing the religious practices followed by him/her.

Share Your Cultural Practices
A lot of people have this habit of boasting about their religion and talking about the various customs and beliefs. But keep this to a minimum. Be open minded and talk about issues that interest both of you. Doing this you will definitely get an idea about the mentality and beliefs of the person.

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