Friday, 3 May 2013

Tips on staying younger.

Ever wondered why most celebrities look younger,they are cautious of their body and what they eat.To look younger,follow these simple steps;

Keep a healthy weight

All women want to be thin, and for this they sometimes even go on a diet. However, they don't consider one important fact: with you age, you should pay much attention to keeping the flexibility and collagen of your skin. So, keep a healthy weight. It's not obligatory to be thin in order to be stylish.

Work your upper body
When you don't do manual work, you are more prone to gaining weight. So, start spending a little time on doing physical exercises. Besides, observe that women are more inclined to be hump back than men.

The only solution is to work out in order to be healthy and strong. Everyone wishes her back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and chest to be in form. Train in order to regain your muscles.By the way, you will not have to spend all the day doing exercises, 15 minutes a day is quite enough.

Run instead of jogging

Many women like spending their summer evenings or mornings walking. They consider it healthy. But very often they jog instead of running, without knowing that active and fast walk is more recommendable. If you get tired of running, you can do it with intervals.

Use a humidifier
Humidity is very essential to your skin. When your skin is dry, your look cannot be youthful. This problem appears especially in winter, as during winter humidity drops down. So, it's advisable to use a humidifier (a device for keeping the atmosphere moist in a room).

Watch your portions
If you don't want to face the problem of gaining weight with age, begin watching your portion sizes at mealtime. Try eating food that contains fewer calories. Pay much attention to your full and hunger states, as with age it will be much more difficult.

Stay younger,look healthy.

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