Saturday, 11 May 2013

Two nurses pays a 12-year-old girl 2k for her baby.

The twelve years old,Mary Nmakamba Eyo  got pregnant sometime in 2012 and went missing two months ago,only to resurface last week without the pregnancy or the baby.

According to Justina, the family
searched every where for the girl but could not locate her whereabouts until last week when she came back.

She was impregnated by a married
man in our village who for obvious
reasons could not take her into his
home but was taking care of her in
the little way that he could but suddenly last March, the girl disappeared and we have searched
everywhere without locating her”.

She said  last Friday, the girl came
back without the pregnancy or the
baby. She was asked where the baby was and she said the woman who took her away to Umuahia in Abia State collected the baby and gave her 2,000 naira to  return to Calabar.

She said the woman met her here in Akpabuyo and took her to a Maternity home  Abia and when she gave birth, the woman gave her some drugs and she slept off. When she woke up, she did not see the baby and the woman gave her money to return to

Justina who is a teacher said she was disturbed by her younger sister’s tale adding that her look suggested something was wrong.

She immediately reported the matter to the police. Nmakamba was detained  and the next day they took her to Abia to locate the Maternity and the woman who took the baby from her.
According to her, when they
got there, the woman on sighting the girl escaped but two nurses in the maternity were arrested and brought down to Calabar on Tuesday evening.
When Saturday Vanguard visited the Akpabuyo Divisional Police Station at Ikot Nakanda, the two ladies, Lillian and Amaladi aged about 25 and 28 were seen sitting on the floor of the cell of the station looking unkept .
Mr Louis Nsamba, the Divisional
Police Officer for Akpabuyo was not
available for comment but a reliable source at the station confirmed that the case of a
missing child and those ladies were
brought in from Abia State yesterday.
What a world.May God have mercy on humanity.


  1. the man got her preg and abandoned her then another pretend to help but stole the baby to the 2 corrupt nurses ...2 many bad pple God help us .


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