Monday, 27 May 2013

World's fattest man dies of over eating.


One of the worlds fattest man Ricky Naputi has died at the age of 39 – Weighing almost 900 pounds.
His fat grew so fast that’s why from the last FIVE YEARS he incapacitated in his home on the Pacific island of Guam - being cared for around the clock by his wife Cheryl.
Ricky was offered life-saving surgery as he battled to lose enough weight to travel to a hospital in the US, The media team from US network TLC followed him from the last three years.
But Ricky ran out of time and He died in November 2012 at the age of 39 –
Ricky Naputi’s story finally told in this week in the one of the moving documentary that charted his weight battle and his touching relationship with his wife Cheryl.
The couple was married for 10 years, but Ricky’s body size meant they could never accomplish their relationship.
Rather, his devoted wife spent her days feeding him and even helping him go to the toilet.


  1. OMG , what kind of thing is this ??? How comes he ate off to death without reducing ...


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