Friday, 30 August 2013

Christina Aguilera writes 'love letter' to fans

The pop-star wrote a lengthy letter to her fans which she titled''from my heart to yours,let there be love''.Read it below and tell me what you think;

“I wanted to reach out to my fans out there that continuously support me and have my back relentlessly throughout the years” she posted. “I am so grateful and fortunate for your dedication. Your time & devotion. Your kindness and understanding. Your patience and compassion.
“It has been a tremendous gift to have been able to share my work on such a large scale with all of you around the world who have supported and appreciated my efforts through all I’ve worked tirelessly in accomplishing, for so many years now,” she added. “Your strength encourages me to continue digging deep and searching within myself to openly offer my heart & soul to you.”
“Thank you for listening to my words.Opening your hearts. Giving back love. Seeing beneath the surface. Searching for the truth. Digging deep. Within yourselves & within your minds. Feeling and sharing with me your own stories your own life struggles…,” the ‘Your Body’ singer continued. “You’re my inspiration and a constant reminder why I continue to give my very best and open up my heart and mind so vulnerably to you and with the best of intentions.”
She  went on to advise fans on how to be fearlessness and honest.
“Be fearless in owning who you are. No matter what,” she says. “You have to put yourself out there and take risks. Sink or swim. You have to give things a try. Provoke thought. Speak from your heart. Live in the moment. Experience and discover the growth within yourself that challenges in live give you. And appreciate that gift that’s only given through times of struggle and hardship.”
To the end of her lengthy letter,she added,
“Feel me in your hearts, as I feel you in mine. Together we brightly shine We stand the test of time. Always have, always will.”

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