Friday, 23 August 2013

Ehhh! Studies show all men lie to women they love.How true is that guys?

Do all men lie to women they love? According to relationship expert Michael Fiore, they do.
Fiore (who’s appeared on the Rachael Ray show as well as countless radio shows and in many, many magazines) say even “good guys” lie to women they love each and every day . . . and it’s not for the reasons women think.
So to all the men in the house,do you guys really lie to a woman you truly love???
What are your reasons if you do?


  1. Yes! 99% of Men do lie to their women! Including Me! Though lies does not last forever, Because women prefered to stick Lier Men than Honest Men

  2. Many men today lie to there woman telling dem d love dem an d are d only one d have while at d order hand d have another woman around him

  3. Pls I have a ? It all goes like dis is it right for a lady to keep a relationship for d past three year an d guy did not trust her? Secondly if d guy decided not to call d lady again an anytime d have misunderstanding is d lady dat do call him frist but dis time around she refuse calling him an he did not call her? What is d next step did u tink d lady shuld carry?

    1. Hey anonymous,sorry for replying late,l have been busy.
      Firstly,love doesn't involve distrust.Love is trust,so if a man don't trust you,that's a red sign.
      Secondly,depending on who caused the misunderstanding,if it's you,apologize.If you have called and he refused calling,then stop and wait.You deserve to be treated rightly and passionately.You deserve to be happy


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