Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Electrician innocently killed by the police in Lagos

Adamson Bello

Ciaos  broke out in Aka Town, Iba Local Council Development Area, LCDA, Lagos State, yesterday, after an electrician, Mr. Adamson Bello, was allegedly shot dead by a yet to be identified policeman attached to the South Bound Hotel.
The incident at a hotel, located at 5, Elias Lane threw the entire town into mourning, as many were yet to come to terms with the reality  that Adamson, who was popularly called Baba Fasilat, could be shot dead innocently.
Explaining how it happened, Mr. Buchi Okechukwu said: “The hotel commenced their usual night activities as early as 7:00 pm. And at about 8:30 pm when some youths were also trying to gain entrance into the hotel, the police officers at the gate denied them access, saying the dance hall was already filled to capacity.
“But the youths turned down their plea, arguing that there was still space in the hall that could accommodate more customers.
“As the argument dragged on, the policemen began to shoot sporadically in the air to scare the youths away. But it boomeranged as the police officer shot straight at Adamson who wasn’t involved in the scuffle.”
Son of the deceased, Afeez,  said: “He bidded us goodbye when he came to check on me where I had gone for my disc jockey business. And few minutes after, I received a call from my sister that policemen attached to the hotel had shot my father in the neck.”

Police and trowing bullets around?May his soul RIP 

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