Monday, 19 August 2013

Princess Diana was murdered?British media thinks so

British media claims princess diana was murdered
Despite a $7 million joint French and British police investigation that concluded that Diana, al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul's deaths in 1997 were accidents, a report in The Mirror claims they were allegedly murdered and it was all covered up.
The allegation surfaced at a second court martial of Sgt. Danny Nightingale, who was found guilty of illegal gun possession, The Mirror reported. Among the evidence presented at the trial was a letter from a former soldier's estranged in-laws that makes the claim that the SAS (Special Air Service) "was behind Princess Diana's death," the newspaper reported.
On Saturday, Scotland Yard said that British police were looking into new information that has surfaced in connection with the deaths of Diana and al Fayed, but police declined to say what that new information was.
"The Metropolitan Police Service is scoping information that has recently been received in relation to the deaths and assessing its relevance and credibility," Scotland Yard officials said in a statement. "The assessment will be carried out by officers from the specialist crime and operations command.

Lets see what the new investigation can prove.


  1. Its possible,people cant be trusted.Don't know what the murderers motive was.
    RIP Diana

  2. OMG ... 1997 ? and they're up with the matter again , truly nothing goes hidden forever , they should submit this murder to hell


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