Monday, 26 August 2013

Question for discussion;Do l abort the baby?

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A reader sent me this question,and she needs your sincere suggestions.Read below

I have been dating this guy for about 3 years.He so caring and very sincere, or as l taught.
I love him so much and he claims to love me too.
The thing now is,l am two months pregnant for him.
I contacted him,his number is unavailable.I had to go his office,only to be told that he's moved back to Canada.
I was bewildered,but that's not even all.His colleague also told me that he has gone to join his wife and kids.
I feel like dying.This is a guy l gave my love,my time,my body and every live in me.
How do l tell my parents that a married man got me pregnant?
Please l need assistance.Do l abort it?

Please readers you have heard her.Put yourself in her shoes and post meaningful comments.Please don't just read and exit.


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  1. You shouldn't do that for anything in the world.
    The baby is a gift from God


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