Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Star feature of the day:Stanley Innocent

Hey readers,hope you all had a nice day.I posted earlier that gracetrendy blog,will start a new segment titled'Rising star'.
If you missed the post,read it HERE.So our today's rising star is Mr Stanley Innocent,read his interview below;

What is your name? Stanley Innocent

What is your profession? Media personality & pastor

What talents do you have? Ability to speak and write

What are your future plans? To unveil my media outfit ''dador de vida' with life enriching media contents that would be simply unpredictable.

Who inspires you? William Randolph Hearst

Contact infoprincestanley87@gmail.com

Have any questions for Stanley,you can just post it as a comment,and be rest assured that he would get back to you.To be the next star feature of the day,kindly send your details in the above order to 




  1. Nice Mr Stanley , Media personality, i share part of this passion , what in the media do you do ?

  2. Fredrick John... nice to know we share the same passion. Currently, I produce and present Campus 360 Radio show on FM Gotel 91.1MHz. I also co-present the lunch box show and produce Entertainment News on the same station.
    Dador de Vida my media outfit would be the platform for more! Thanks boss.

    Joleena C Mogle... I don't know you either (LMAO)... Well patience does it... soon you would know me I hope. Thanks.

  3. What is the meaning of 'Dador de Vida'?
    Sounds Spanish to me.

  4. Maddy, that's right. Dador de Vida means "life giver" in Spanish. As a media outfit, our media content seeks to speak life to our target market.

  5. Owkkkk,wish you all the best bro

  6. Yes , big smiles , nice work you do Stanley , well nice to see you on hot-list of this blog , i wished to be published too soon ... anyways am a social network founder , large one at that , running with thousands of users and counting , so you can see i host entertainment on the net base LOL .... chatrain.com this is it .... with what you do , i think we can promote each other growth , can you host a Radio campaign on chatrain ?? this will be a good shoot as unique visitors are from Nigeria, we can link what you do with Chatrain , i make sure it gets more views even outside your expectations and you make your listeners outside Chatrain come to the site for voting or maybe listen to some of your radios as i can integrate this if there'll be loads of listeners , well we can plan it other way round ... tell me how you feel ... other contact form to reach me is admin@chatrain..com

  7. Wow,am like liking this segment on this blog.
    Nice one Stanley

  8. Okay Frederick... I got u.
    Gina... Thanks a lot...


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