Thursday, 15 August 2013

How to show little romantic gestures to your spouse

A relationship with romance lasts longer than one without. Men and women can keep a fire burning when they keep the romance in the picture. Romance is easy. All it takes is a little imagination or thought. Many people tend to lose the romance after a short amount of time. When couples become too comfortable or too wrapped up in their careers, romance will begin to fade. Making an effort to show that you care is priceless and essential for the romance to last.
  1. One way people say "I love you" includes doing the obvious things like surprising the one they love with unexpected flowers. Bringing home flowers for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday is nice but bringing them home just to say you were thinking of them, is a romantic gesture. Sending flowers to your girlfriend or wife’s job will get her recognition and show you care. Women love for their friends to see that their man cares about them.
  2. Cooking a nice dinner and setting the mood with candle light and soft music can be a good gesture for romance. A fire in the fireplace and a bottle of wine will set the mood for romance. Spending the quiet time with the one you love is romantic in itself. Sometimes all the better half wants is your time.
  3. People do not stop and think about washing the dishes as a romantic gesture but it can be. When someone has had a hard day at work, let them go and sit down with a comfortable pillow and wash the dishes for them. Finish it off with a good glass of wine and a foot massage. This is very romantic, especially to women. When a man stops and realizes that his wife may be too tired to wash dishes, and does it for her.
  4. A note left in a packed lunch that says, “I love you” is a good romantic gesture that will take that special person by surprise. Packing a special lunch for your partner can make their lunch time special, especially when they find the note.
  5. Planning a special date with the one you love is romantic. Pack up a picnic lunch and a blanket, drive somewhere where you two can be alone. Make sure to pack things like grapes and strawberries. These foods lead to feeding each other. Take out the blanket and picnic and spend some time alone. Read your lover a romantic story or poem from a book.

Putting a little bit of effort into being romantic is easy. It does not have to cost a lot of money to show you care. People that do things for no reason other than to show they care are very romantic. People that take time to go on a date night with the one they love are making a romantic gesture to keep the romance in the relationship. Dinner and a romantic movie are perfect for setting a mood for romance.


  1. This is the fact,so true =))

  2. Romance is what enlightens relationships


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