Thursday, 8 August 2013

Russian driver gets hand stuck in fish’s mouth

A commercial diver in Russia got himself into a dire predicament when he inexplicably stuck his hand into the mouth of a monkfish, aka a sea-devil. The fish has a row of sharp teeth on both sides of its mouth, and it clamped down on the diver’s hand like a bear foot trap, not letting go.
As you can see, the Russians had the darnedest time figuring out how to get his hand out of the “fish trap.” We apologize for any profanity, if there is any, since they’re speaking Russian, but that just adds to the hilarity. Watch and laugh:

When asked why he stuck his hand in the fish's mouth,these were his response;

“Why did you stick your hand in its mouth?”

“Does it matter? Just get this thing off me?”

“Here, let me pry its mouth open with my finger.”

[That didn’t work]

“How about we try jamming this piece of wood down its throat?”

“It’s not working. Dang, this hurts. Nyet, don’t try knocking it over the head with that piece of wood. Nyet, nyet, nyet.”

“I know, let me use a fillet knife and cut it off.”

[That didn’t work]

“I told you that knife needed sharpening. Why not you listen to me?”

“Here’s an idea, how about you push down on one side of its mouth with the piece of wood, and I’ll push up on the other side with this pipe.”

[Voila, it worked]


[Looks down throat]

“Oh, I see why you stuck your hand down its mouth—Not! Dude, next time, use this stick to probe its tonsils, you nincompoop!”More photos when you continue

      hand in mouth

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