Friday, 23 August 2013

Shocking truth! Placentas are eaten by some people with health issues.


I was reading through an article online and bumped into one that said,placentophagy is also practiced by human. Cheez

 Placentophagy,which is an act of mammals eating their baby's placenta after childbirth,has always been believed to be an animals thing.This is so because animals such as goats,cows,and even carnivores,eat their young one's placenta for nutrition sake.

Recently,humans have joined in the league.Some health practitioners believe that the act helps prevent post-delivery depression and other complications that often arises after delivery.
While this school of thought have been accepted by few,others argue that,since animals eat their baby's placenta for nutrition sake,what does human need it for?

It has also been found that in China,dried placentas known as 'Ziheche',has also been used to treat impotence,infertility and other gynecological complications.

Can you eat your baby's placenta,irrespective of what nutrition or health benefit it would give you?As for me? NO
Let's hear your view


  1. Noooooo,the feeling makes me wanna throw up,gosh

  2. What a nonsense nutrition nd health benefits. One day shit will bcom food 2 some people

  3. which kind nutrition b dat 1...........dat 1 na witchy witchy

  4. One day person go die ohooo

  5. Placentas?As in the one l know?This is totally insane


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