Monday, 26 August 2013

Signs that you are in a wrong relationship,and when to call it quit

A relationship is supposed to be the fun,adventurous and impacting.Relationships are meant to teach you something in life.They should be therefore,built on trust and loyalty.
If your relationship isn't giving you what you want,it's an indication that you shouldn't have been in it in the first place.Below are signs that shows when a relationship should be discontinued;

1.Lack of trust

No relationship,even marriage can move forward without without trust.You have to trust your spouse/partner so much,not sniffing through their phones,checking their social media accounts,their mails and even trailing them to some extent.If you love someone,then trusting him/her shouldn't be an issue.If you are in a relationship were you are not trusted,have a re-think.It might be a bad sign.
Lack of trust can destroy relationships,can make a guy beat up his girlfriend and even a man beat up his wife.

2.Physical violence

There no relationship without violence,but when the violence gets physical,then its time to make an exit.No man,I mean,NO man who loves a woman dearly,could raise his hands on her.
Your man is supposed to love and cherish you,treat you like a queen,pamper you,not the other way round.If a guy becomes violent physically towards you,its a big RED sign.
Don't think he would change afterwards,they only grow worse. Try to come to a conclusion with him on the matter,if repeated........EXIT.

3.No future

Relationships should not necessarily lead to marriage,but when your relationship remains stagnant,dimensionless and baseless,ask yourself these questions;

  • Is this what l want?
  • Do l want more from this relationship?
  • Has these relationship impacted in me positively?
  • Am l getting any younger?
Until you know where you are coming from,you won't know where you are going to.
Set your priorities straight.Don't waist your time over something you are not a beneficiary to.
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