Monday, 26 August 2013

The teenage boy who flew from Benin to Lagos hiding in the tyre compartment,taught the flight was going to America

The teenage boy

The boy who flew Arik aircraft from Benin to Lagos,hiding in the wheels(Read the story here) while questioned by the FAAN,confessed he taught the flight was going to America.
This was the exact feeling l nurtured when l first heard the news.I was wondering,what could this boy want to see in Lagos,that he hasn't seen in Benin?
While some people may applause him for this behaviour in the light of the present national situation,l still see it as risking and tarnishing the image of the country.
This issue which has graced all national media outlets,will make the foreign nations stricter in dealing with  flights boarded from our homeland.
To the youths out there,your life shouldn't be on the line for anything in this world.
Work hard,read hard and you will go places,even where you never thought,but LEGALLY.  

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  1. No hurry in life. you can be were you want to be only if you work hard at it. life nah gaga!


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