Thursday, 29 August 2013

US shows concern over the ASSU strike in Nigeria

The US Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer, Bill Strassberger,who spoke to journalists yesterday, urged the government to resolve the crisis with the Academic Staff Union of Universities, saying “it is a fear, it is a worry for us.”
“It may be difficult, but there is no magic wand to resolve the strike,” Strassberger added.

The Ambassador also spoke and condemned the act of touts who acts as agents,swindling money from desperate Nigerians who wants to study abroad. 

Nigeria currently has about 7,028 students studying at over 700 institutions in the USA.

He said, “That is something for the Nigerian government. It is up to it to work it out with the striking lecturers.

“We are not involved in that negotiation but we can encourage. It is a fear, it is a worry for us because that would make it hard for the students to come.

May God intervene in this strike issue.

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