Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Weird! Woman turns back to life two weeks after burial

From CBS

A woman turned back to life almost 2 weeks after she was supposedly buried.
Jackson was declared dead by a medical examiner on August 3rd after what was believed to be her body was discovered on the street. She was said to have died from natural causes and was identified by her son and social worker.Then … something crazy happened

While it remains unknown how exactly Jackson disappeared, CBS Philly is reporting that she showed up at a mental health facility looking frazzled nearly two weeks after she was purportedly buried.
Naturally, her family was thrilled to see their loved, but there was just one problem: Who the heck did they bury?
The identity of the woman the family mourned and held a funeral for is still unknown, though the body is set to be exhumed, so they’ll probably figure all that out soon enough.
Lets pray the family of the deceased identifies with the family,to uncover their dead one and give her a befitting burial.

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