Friday, 13 September 2013

Lady Gaga,said she is a lesbian?

Lady Gaga claims she’s lesbian!

Who suspected Lady Gaga is into women? I didn’t! Yesterday Gaga revealed on “Watch What Happens Live” that she’s had s*x with women in the past. Lady Gaga said: “Well, I’ve taken a few dips in the lady pond. I like girls… I know people think I just say things to be shocking,

Lady Gaga lesbian!
Now Gaga talked about being ‘in love’.
‘I like them because I find lesbians to be way more daring than straight men, when it comes to coming on to you.
The Born This Way star then seemingly referred to her current boyfriend, Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney,
‘And I really like that,’ she continued. ‘And it wasn’t until I found a guy that could come onto me as strong as a lesbian that I fell in love.’ The songstress also touched on her previous occupation as a stripper before she became famous.
Style chameleon: Lady Gaga is pictured leaving the Good Morning America studios on Monday. But she told Cohen that she likened herself more to a burlesque dancer. ’I made more money stripping than waitressing,’ she said. Leave her alone: Gaga also jumped to the defence of fellow pop star Miley Cyrus
‘I didn’t show too much — I was a burlesque dancer. Because my family’s European, for me it wasn’t that weird and I didn’t do anything super seedy — although my dad didn’t think so.’ She also told Cohen that she thinks people need to ‘lighten up’ and leave fellow pop star Miley Cyrus alone.

The Applause singer came to the defence of the We Can’t Stop hit maker, who caused controversy with her salacious on-stage antics at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) last month, insisting Miley was expressing herself as a musical artist.
She said: ‘I mean, I just think everybody needs to lighten up and leave her alone. Because it’s pop music. Everybody’s entitled to their own artistic expression, and if you have a problem with it, just change the channel.’

Miley, 20, was seen gyrating and twerking on stage with Robin Thicke, 36, during a joint performance of his hit Blurred Lines, and provocatively touching herself with a foam finger.
However, Gaga gives the former Hannah Montana star ‘props’ for forging her own path, despite the risqué nature of her recent antics, which also include appearing completely naked in her new video for Wrecking Ball.

She added: ‘I don’t understand the incessant need to constantly go on and on about hating things all the time because, what, she’s 20 years old? And if anything, I give her props. You know, she’s growing up in front of the entire world and maybe she’s not so happy with stuff she did in her career when she was younger and she wants to be free, so let her do what she wants.
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  1. Hmmmmm,is there any straight person on this earth?

  2. Gaga lady, u r born dis way.... Do ur tin gal, if u dnt lik ha change d channel wink


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