Monday, 2 September 2013

Mariah Carey sees my music as big joke,Nick Cannon says.

Mariah and Nick

Ever wondered what Mariah Carey's husband is upto? I gat u covered.
The TV personality(American got talent presenter),who is also the chairman of Nickelodon's TV network has recently gone into singing.(Jack of all trade,LOL)
Did l remind you that he is also a Hollywood actor?
In a recent interview,Nick said,his wife sees his music as a big joke,read below;

''He told Enstars at the InTouch Weekly Icons & Idols after-party for the VMAs that Carey is in the studio “getting her album finished” and he called it an “incredible” record. Cannon added that he and his wife do not give each other advice about their albums, but that Carey has strong feelings against his music.
“She thinks my music is a big joke,” he said, before adding with laughs, “but so do I so it doesn’t matter.” He then explained the difference between their different sounds and in the process praised his wife’s talents.
“My music is silly, you know what I mean, she makes anthems that changes people’s lives,” he continued. “I make songs about shaking ya ass. My album is called White People Party Music so that’s how I would describe it. Fist-pumping-good-time-have-a-blast-type of music.”He added.''
Oh Nick,can't stop imagining how terrible this your new found carrier would be.

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  1. Before Nko , do u know how to sing ??? you think this is American's got talent ? you're a Joker


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