Sunday, 29 September 2013

Understanding marriage,Part 1

Marriage is a lifetime thing, and is a sacred and divinely consecrated institution, ordained in the hands of a loving and all-wise God for the good, happiness, and general welfare of mankind. It should never be entered into thoughtlessly, recklessly, or hastily; but thoughtfully, prayerfully, reverently, discreetly, and in full consideration of the purposes for which God ordained it. Remember as you approach the time when you will be casting about for the person who is to be your life’s companion, that your whole life lies ahead of you and the course of your life is being charted. The most important decision of your life is being made right at that time.

A solid marriage that will continue to produce peace and contentment on through the uneven journey of life and the changing fortunes of war, so to speak (for life is a warfare, according to the Scriptures), must be established on something more than just physical beauty, physical attraction and attractiveness. All of that may change and fade as age comes on, work its changes in the physical features and form of a person, and take its toll.

There must be deep mutual love, respect, trust, and confidence between the two parties to bind them together and under-gird them for the struggles of life that lie ahead. This may exist entirely separate from, and independent of, physical charm, beauty, and physical attraction. Let me say right here that you should never enter into a marriage with a person you cannot trust implicitly. That would be a great big mistake. Your life would be filled with misery and woe because of your perpetual suspicion and wonderment about your mate.

The great danger for youth is, that so many times they mistake infatuation and physical attraction for love, and later on, when that begins to fade, they find their foundation crumbling from underneath them.

Do you know the difference between love and infatuation?


  1. Love is patient,infatuation isnt

  2. Correct grace keep going girl


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