Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A tale about my country:Welcome to Nigeria

Welcome 2 Nigeria where a blind begger will reject a fake naira note.
*Where ladies don't accept flowers 4 birthday or val gift.
*where parents claim dey always come first position in sch.
*where d presidents & other govt officials don't knw d national anthem.
*where gala & lacasera is d best option wen struck in hold up.
*where u can be a Driver for yrs without a Driver's licence.
*where u are robbed of ur phone & robbers come back for pin & charger.
*where politicians use big unnecessary grammer to scam pple.
*where u are jailed 4 stealing maggi & given chieftancy title 4 stealing millions & front row seat in church.
*where d type of ur generator shows how rich u are.
*where u can blame ur unsuccessful Life on family members in d village.
*where citizens are more afraid of police than armed robbers. Hmmm.
May God have mercy on us

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