Sunday, 13 October 2013

Is dating more than one girl wrong?

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Dear Grace,
I am dating three girls,find it difficult with choosing the right one. I started seeing more than one girl because as you know,ladies cannot be trusted these days,so don't wanna put my eggs in one basket.
Is dating three girls wrong? How do I even settle with one and discard the others? Need answers asap.


  1. Anyway,if you really desire to go into a relationship with the motive of settling with d lady,then you need serious prayers before you embark on such journey. Don't wait till you are about to settle to dispatch these girls. Do it now and wait on God's choice of partner for you.

  2. I totally agree. If your honest in the beginning, you won't have to worry about a lot of b/s in the long run.

  3. If u are truly honest to ur self definitly u wil sure me d must honest an good lady u are looking for in life as a partner

  4. No,because it sometimes enables you to know the rightful person. But is also wrong to double date when you with the rightful person(some one who loves u)

  5. It is not advisable to date more than one at a time. You dont expect to get the right and the best using such a deceptive standard. It is sheer confusion. What he has to do now is to first let go all of them and prayerfully search.

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