Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Jilted few months to his wedding,what should he do?

Met this guy who was ranting and shouting in a saloon where l went to wash my hair. At first,l taught he was crazy,not until my friend,the owner of the saloon gave me the gist.
This guy have been parading a girl around town,telling everyone they are both getting married soonest,and frankly,they will,hopefully December.

The guy claimed he pays the girl's bills,put her on a #40,000 allowance monthly and even gave her #300,000 recently for her wedding shopping.
Now to the reason why he was going mad,the girl called him few days ago that she was going to a cousins house which the guy declined of,but she left anyway. The guy later found out that the girl went to a guys house and even slept over there.

The guy is really going out of his mind,as he even hit a small girl due to over-speeding,he needs advice and he needs it fast.What do you think he should do?


  1. he should thank his God and stars that she was exposed before the wedding. its better to have a cheating girlfriend/fiancée than a cheating wife.

  2. My advice to the guy is to pray, prayer hold all things


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