Friday, 1 November 2013

Relationship don't for the day:Don't put up with a guy,until you are married to him.

''Ladies,do not put up with a guy who is not yet married to you''
This is a common mistake ladies make nowadays.Immediately a guy says I LOVE YOU,they conclude that he is going to marry them and the next thing is to park to his house.Some of them even go uninvited.
A man who truly loves you would never ask you to move in with him,even when he does,you should decline.
Men take advantage of that,some of them would keep you there and go look for a more decent girl outside who they would marry formally.
Hear this true life story;
Aisha disobeyed her parents and moved in with a man who promised to give her heaven and earth,this guy was to her,the best that had happened to her.They have lived for 12 good years and yet,no marriage proposal,let alone a wedding.Recently,she heard from a genuine source that her man was going to get married in his home town and had even secured a new job there.He plans on leaving her in the apartment given to him by his work-place.
12 solid years,wasted.
Men can be shrewd.Most men would say,why pay for something that I have had free of charge?
Ladies,let a man want you,make him look for you,make him know your worth,make him know you can still do without him.
Don't fall cheaply,you are a queen.


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