Monday, 18 November 2013

Who should love most in relationship/marriage?

Dear Grace,
  Hope you had a great day.Please I am in doubt about something.I got married last year and before then,my husband was so loving that I thought all was complete not until recently,I don't know who loves who most.

I feel cheated and unloved.Please,who is supposed to love most in marriage,me or him?

I was taught that a woman should only submit to her husband,while the man should love his wife.
Help me out please.


  1. Love should be mutual

  2. This is a tough one
    But thinks the husbands should love more

  3. Both of you should learn how to love each other, the woman can make her husband change completely by showing him affection and alway do some thingthat will make her husband happy

  4. D both couple she love each other as dem self. Blcus d are now one body

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