Friday, 24 May 2013

President Jonathan to preside over the affairs of Yobe,Adamawa and Borno states.

Governors of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe are
now to take orders from President Jonathan
on the administration of their respective
states following the proclamation of
emergency rule, according to official gazettes
published by the Federal Government.
Copies of the two gazettes, exclusively
obtained by Daily Trust, show that whereas
the three affected governors are allowed to
remain in office for the emergency period,
they are subject to orders to be issued
periodically by the president or by any of his
designated officials.
The proclamation instruments also empower
President Goodluck Jonathan to issue orders
on utilising the funds accruable to the three
states, as well as on arrests, detention and
property confiscation.
"A state governor in an emergency area shall
continue with the general functions of
administering of the emergency area under
the control of the president or any person
designated or authorised to act on his
behalf," says section 2, subsection 1 of one
of the gazettes, titled 'Emergency Powers
(General) Regulations, 2013, dated May 20.
Subsection 2 adds: "The president may give
directions to a state governor or local
government chairman directly or through his
designate or a duly authorised person with
respect to the administering of the
emergency area and it shall be the duty of
the state governor or local government
chairman to comply with the directive."
On the finances of the three states, the
gazette empowers the president to make
orders that "provide for the utilisation of the
funds of any state or local government in the
emergency area".
The gazette also says President Jonathan
may make other orders "as appear to him to
be necessary or expedient for the purpose
of maintaining and securing peace, public
order, public safety and good governance in
the emergency area."
The other gazette, titled State of Emergency
(Certain States of the Federation)
Proclamation, 2013, says the proclamation,
announced last week, was necessitated by
the fact that the crisis "overwhelmed" the
response capacities of the three states. It
says the situation requires "extraordinary
measures" to restore peace, order and
security in the states.

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